Angry Arthur

by Hiawyn Oram & illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura, 1993

Red Fox, ISBN: 978-0099196617

It's time for bed but Arthur wants to stay up so he gets really angry. Every time someone tells him ‘that’s enough’ his anger gets bigger and bigger and takes over the world until he wonders why he was so angry in the first place. A wonderful imaginative story that many children (and adults) will be able to relate to.

No Matter What

by Debi Gliori, 2003 New edition (paperback)

Bloomsbury Children's Books, ISBN: 978-0747563310

A rhyming story with large, bright pictures about Small, a young fox who is feeling cross because no one loves him. Large, then reassures him that she’ll love him no matter what. A fun and imaginative book that only briefly talks about death but would be a useful story to help support a young child through difficult times.



by Mick Inkpen, New Edition 2006

Hodder Children's Books, ISBN: 978-0340918166

A ‘little thing’ has been stuck in the attic for so long, he has even forgotten its name. When the owners move house and leave him behind, he sets off on an adventure to discover who he really is. A lovely book about families and the feeling that you belong. It could be used in many situations, particularly with a child who is feeling unsettled.

Nothing Scares Us                          

by Frieda Wishinsky & illustrated by Neal Layton, 2001

Bloomsbury Children's Books, ISBN: 978-0747550433

Lucy and Lenny are the ‘fearless two’, best friends who have all sorts of adventures. Lenny then starts watching a scary programme on TV, which gives Lucy nightmares and she dare not tell Lenny in case he laughs at her. With bright colourful pictures, this fun book is a comforting story about friendship and adventure.


Something Else                               

By Kathryn Cave & illustrated by Chris Riddell, 1995

Puffin Books, ISBN: 978-0140549072

Something Else doesn’t belong and has no one to be friends with, until one day Nothing knocks at his door and although they seem very different, they get along and become friends. These unusual looking characters capture the feelings of young people in a sensitive and fun way. A lovely book that could reassure children who feel unsettled within their peer group.



by Frances Thomas & illustrated by Ross Collins, 1999

Bloomsbury Children's Books, ISBN: 978-0747541738

Little Monster starts telling his mother a wonderfully imaginative but scary story about what might happen tomorrow. Mother then gives him an alternative, happier story and takes away his fears. This story is reassuring as well as fun and imaginative.


The Huge Bag of Worries               

by Virginia Ironside &illustrated by Frank Rodgers, 1996

Hodder Wayland, ISBN: 978-0340903179

Jenny begins to worry about lots of different things and these worries build up and get out of control. She just can’t get rid of them, until she meets the old lady next door who helps her feel better. A lovely story with fun illustrations encourages children to talk about their worries.


Five Minutes’ Peace (The Large Family)                      

by Jill Murphy, 2001 New Edition

Walker Books, ISBN: 978-0744581195

This humorous book with lovely detailed pictures tells the story of Mrs Large who is desperate for five minutes peace from her three children, but it is harder to find than she expects! A lovely book that can be enjoyed by both adults and children and may help to explain that every so often, grown-ups need time to themselves.

There's no such thing as a Dragon

by Jack Kent Happy Cat Books

ISBN: 978-1899248957

Billy wakes up to find a tiny dragon in his bedroom. His mother insists that there is no such thing as a dragon but the dragon gets bigger and bigger until it fills the whole house. When the family finally acknowledge that the dragon exists, it returns to its normal size. This colourful picture book is a useful tool to use with children to talk about difficult feelings and other issues that can increase when they are ignored.

There are also many books where death is not the main focus of the story but features bereavement or the main character has been bereaved. These include:

A Little Princess      

By Frances Hodgson Burnett & illustrated by Tasha

Wordsworth Editions Ltd; New Edition ISBN: 978-1853261367



By Felix Salten, Aladdin Paperbacks; Reprint Edition (Jul 1988)

ISBN: 978-0671666071


Charlotte’s Web                                           

By E. B. White & illustrated by Garth Williams

Puffin Books (2003), ISBN: 978-0141317342


Danny the Champion of the World

By Roald Dahl & illustrated by Quentin Blake

Puffin Books (2007),   ISBN: 978-0141322674


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

By J. K. Rowling Bloomsbury Children’s Books

ISBN: 978-0747532743


James and the Giant Peach                       

By Roald Dahl & illustrated by Quentin Blake

Puffin Books (2001), ISBN: 978-0141311357


Little Women            

By Louisa May Alcott, CRW Publishing Limited; New edition (2004)

ISBN: 978-1587261329


Oliver Twist              

By Charles Dickens, Penguin Books (2003), ISBN: 978-0141439747


The Secret Garden  

By Frances Hodgson Burnett, Wordsworth Editions Ltd (1993),

ISBN: 978-1853261046