Goodbye Mousie

By Robie H.Harris & illustrated by Jan Ormerod

Alladin Paperbacks; Reprint edition (Nov 20024), ISBN 978-0689871344

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of a little boy who’s told that his pet mouse has died. At first he doesn’t believe it, thinking it is just asleep, but by asking lots of questions and with the help of his family he begins to accept Mousie’s death. This is a great story and would be very helpful to introduce death to young children and a starting point to discuss what happens after someone dies and the different feelings one may have.


I Miss You: A First Look at Death  

By Pat Thomas & illstrated by Lesley HArker, 2001

Barron’s Educational Series, ISBN: 978-0764117640

This bright and colourful picture book very simply talks about life and death. It briefly covers a range of issues such as why people die, how you may feel when someone dies and what happens afterwards. It includes questions for the reader to answer about their own experiences and a section at the back for adults on how to best use the book. An excellent educational book, which could be used as a starting point for discussion.

When Uncle Bob Died (Talking it Through)

By Althea & illustratyed by Lisa Kopper, 2001

Happy Cat Books Ltd, ISBN: 978-1903285084

A young boy talks about death and about Uncle Bob who died from an illness. It clearly explains some basic facts such as what ‘dead’ means and what a funeral is. It also talks about feelings and memories. This small picture book would be a good starting point for very young children with lots of opportunity for further discussion.


Dear Grandma Bunny                                             

Written and Illustrated by Dick Bruna, 1996

ISBN: 978-1405219013

Suitable for very young children this book tells the story of what happened and how Miffy felt and coped when Grandma died.



Written by Nicholas Allan, 2006, Red Fox

ISBN: 978-0099488149

Dill, the dog, knows his time is up, so he packs his case and tells Lily, his owner, that he's off "up there". "Can I come too?" asks Lily. "Er...not yet," replies Dill. While he is waiting for the angels to collect him, Dill explains to Lily what he thinks heaven is like: hundreds of lampposts to pee against, lots of whiffy things to smell and bones everywhere - with meat on them! But, Lily completely disagrees; she thinks heaven is quite different. Luckily, they agree to disagree just in time for a fond, and very poignant, last goodbye.


The Red Woolen Blanket                                        

Written By Bob Graham, Candlewick Press                                      

1996 ISBN: 978-1564028488

Even before Julia was born she was given a red woolen blanket that she used "right from the start." PW said, "Graham's colourful paintings show a humorous, tender regard for a preschooler's inexplicable attachment to a particular object." Ages 2 to 4.