No New Baby                                    

By Marilyn Gryte & illustrated by Kristi McClendon, 1988

Centering Corporation, ISBN: 978-1561230419

Recently revised, this book tells the story of a young girl whose sister died before birth. She talks about the preparations they were making for the new baby and the different feelings she now has. Her Grandmother takes her out for the day and tries to answer some of her questions. This book is American and not particularly informative but there are very few books about the death of a baby and some young children may find this one reassuring.


My book about our baby that died            

By Lynda Weiss, 1996

Greenfield Publishing, ISBN: 978-0952332831

This is a workbook for young children who have experienced the death of a baby sibling. With pictures that can be coloured in and spaces for children to draw pictures and fill in answers to questions it covers topics such as hospitals, saying goodbye and feelings. It is a simple book that does not go into great depth but could be a good starting point for a child and adult to communicate about the death.