Flamingo Dream                              

By Donna Jo Napoli & illustrated by Cathie Felstead, 2002

Greenwillow Books, ISBN: 978-0688167967

This bright and colourful book is told by a young boy whose Dad is seriously ill and dies soon after a trip to Florida to see the place where he grew up. The collage style illustrations capture the things the boy collects to remind him of his Dad. A sensitive but honest book, which emphasises the importance of memories.


Losing Uncle Tim

by Mary Kate Jordan & illustrated by Judith Friedman, 1989

Albert Whitman & Company, ISBN: 978-0807547564

This picture book for slightly older children explains how a young boy accepts the changes in his life when he finds out that his Uncle Tim has AIDS and is going to die. It is a serious and sensitive book that covers lots of issues and difficult feelings that can occur when someone has a serious illness.


The Secret C

by Julie A. Stokes & illustrated by Peter Bailey, 2000

Winston's Wish, ISBN: 978-0-9539123-0-8

The Secret C – straight talking about cancer, attempts to answer some of the questions and worries a child may have about cancer, especially when it involves someone in the family. This reassuring book will help adults and children to talk about the difficult issues and feelings involved when someone is seriously ill and briefly talks about the possibility of death.


Two Weeks with the Queen

by Morris Gleitzman & illustrated by Andy Bacha, 1999

Puffin Books, ISBN: 978-0141303000

Twelve-year-old Colin, an Australian boy, is sent to stay with relatives in England when his brother becomes ill with cancer. He is determined to find a way of curing his brother, which leads him into all sorts of adventures including trying to visit the Queen! Colin finds a friend in an older man named Ted who helps him express his feelings and understand what he has to do. (Also available in audiocassette.)


When someone has a very Serious Illness: Children can learn to cope with Loss and Change        

By Marge Heegard, 1991(workbook)

Woodland Press, ISBN: 978-0962050244

Aiming to be used weekly, over a number of sessions, this workbook will help families communicate and teach children about illness and coping skills. With simple, clear writing and plenty of space for children to draw and colour, it covers areas such as change, feelings and looking after oneself. It also has suggestions for how adults can help children as well as useful addresses and additional reading.


As Big As It Gets: Supporting a child when a parent is seriously ill

by Julie Stokes & Diana Crossley, 2007

An information booklet to help families cope with the serious illness of a parent. It provides a range of ideas for parents or carers so that they feel more able to explain to their children what is happening, giving some suggestions to what parents might say to children and how to offer support.


I Carried You On Eagles’ Wings    

Sue Mayfield, Scholastic Point 1995

ISBN: 978-0590559393

Tony’s mum is dying and there’s nothing he can do about it. He can’t always put on a brave face and his dad won’t talk about things. Only Clare seems to understand – somehow she helps him keep it together. Then Tony finds an injured seagull, a creature he can nurse back to health. And, slowly, gradually, Tony begins to understand that death can sometimes bring freedom…..