Payroll Giving is very simply a tax-free charitable giving that comes directly from your pay.  Payroll giving donations are deducted before tax so each £1.00 donated will only cost 80p, and for higher rate tax payers it costs just 60p.
Providing that your company offers Payroll Giving, to sign up involves completed a form which is normally obtained from the Payroll Department or Personnel.
The employer should forward completed forms to the Payroll Giving Agency and deduct from pre-tax salary the total given.  The donation is forwarded monthly to the Payroll Giving Agency and they then distribute the gift each month to the Children's Bereavement Centre.
Setting up a Payroll Giving Scheme is easy to set up.  Employers simply need to sign a contact with a Payroll Giving Agency.  This is a legal requirement and provides an audit trail for HM Revenue & Customs as tax relief is being given on the gift.