We are so grateful for all the support we receive from the people who fundraise for us, whether it’s the people who join in with one of the events we organise, like our annual Dragon Boat Race, dragon boat on waterour Daisy Remembrance Campaign, our Candlelight Service. 

We also have those who organise their own events, or with their work colleagues and of course you can always get involved one of our fundraising campaigns.

If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, then we have a whole host of events you can get involved in, the perfect opportunity to fundraise for us and have the experience of a lifetime! Whether you want to jump out of a plane,
tandem skydive

Run a marathon, a sponsored bike ride, wing walk, abseil or even walk on hot coals – we have just the event for you!

Participating in a challenge will also allow you to push yourself to your own personal limits and experience an amazing sense of achievement.

However, you decide you want to fundraise for us, we will help you in whatever way we can, whether it’s helping promote you via our social media, giving you pointers on writing a press release or cheering you on!


Plus, if you’d like to do something for us, but you aren’t sure what, then you can use our A to Z of fundraising ideas to give you inspiration!