All children and young people receiving face-to-face support from the Children’s Bereavement Centre are offered their own very special Comfort Bear.

These bears are an important part of the range of support provided to help children cope with their grief and bring hope for a brighter future. 

Research suggests that cuddling a teddy bear might make you not just happier but healthier too!

They can help ease stress, soothe tears and help a child handle the fear and anxiety they may be experiencing due to the death or terminal-illness of someone they love.  They provide someone to cuddle and talk to about their feelings and emotions, and a lasting reminder that they are not alone to help reduce feelings of isolation.


A donation of just £6 could fund a special bear to help bring comfort to a child at what is probably the most devastating time in their life.


Please take a moment to read Daniel’s and Rosie’s stories and help us create the same feelings of hope and comfort for more children.