Emily’s Story - told by her Dad, Nick

Emily’s Mum Amanda and I had been separated since she was around 2 years old, following a breakdown of our relationship after the death of my Father.

On the 29th October 2013 Amanda tragically passed away from a severe asthma attack.  She’d put Emily to bed, read with her,  said goodnight and that would be the last time Emily would see her Mum again.

At first Emily (who was 6 at the time) seemed to accept the massive changes in her life very well.   It was just under a year later that Emily’s behaviour changed without warning, so much so that the child I knew seemed to vanish. She had violent outbursts, massive uncontrollable screaming fits, and an anger that I couldn’t believe could come out of such a placid and quiet little girl.

A close friend told me about the Children’s Bereavement Centre and said I should talk to them about getting some help. Within just a couple of visits the difference in Emily was amazing, and it was clear she found the strength to talk about her situation. By the time all her sessions finished it felt my baby was back, older wiser but still the little girl I knew.

"We have both received help and counselling from the Centre and attended events laid on by them which have helped us a great deal. The staff aren’t ‘staff’, they really do feel like extended family to us, and we both know that when we need them help and advice is no more than a phone call away"