"As a volunteer I know how important it is to have us and it's nice to feel part of the lovely team at the Children's Bereavement Centre. What drawn me to this charity was the way children and families are supported when suffering a bereavement or loss and reading about the positive impact the children had experienced through the support offered by the charity. I personally suffered loss and grief as a child and found it difficult to talk about my feelings, there were no services available to help back then, even in school!  The Children's Bereavement Centre gives children the opportunity to understand their feelings, to make them aware that they are not alone and there is support for them when they need it. I wanted to help and support children to open up and talk about their feelings (if they feel they are able to do so) through lots of different therapeutic activities that they enjoy doing. I am passionate about working with children and families and would like to pursue a successful career continuing to support and help in some way."