Remember your loved one by dedicating a daisy in our online Meadow of Memories and make a real  difference to the lives of the children and families that need our help.

For a suggested donation of £6.00 or more you can have your Daisy added to the meadow and your loved ones name added to the scroll of remembrance below and if you have donated for a metal daisy your loved one’s name and a daisy will automatically be added to our virtual Meadow of Memories.

You can watch the meadow grow as others join you  – linking us together to remember and celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

To add your daisy to our meadow please click here or contact Rachel at for more information about how you can support this special campaign

Meadow of Memories - joining together to remember and celebrate those we love
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Thomas Eric Charnley Darran Bentley Emma Moon Austin James Burt Spindley
Connie Hope Lighten Sandy Young Daisy Trenchard Julie Walker
Mike Purkis Yaz Moin Mark Hitchcock (Hitchy) Paul Reah
Hugh Coppin Sheila Dury Jody Lois Horder
Marjorie Cattermole Roger Sismey Derek John Young Floss Newman
Peter Balls Maureen Collins Tom Collins Pete Rogers
Samantha Rickett Jeffery Saari Nicola Taylor Pauline Stringer
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Jane Louise Overland Neal Barton Claire Louise Borrett Issac James Lyons
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