"A Meadow of Memories"
- linking us to our lost loved ones

Our Meadow of Memories bloomed into life on Saturday and Sunday June 26th and 27th in Newark Castle.

Hundreds of daisies were planted, each one donated for in memory of a loved one that has sadly died as a special way to remember and celebrate their lives.  Not only joining together to remember those special people everyone involved has ensured that 1000s of grieving families will get the specialist support they need now and in the future.

With more than a thousand people visiting the exhibit over the two days it gave people the opportunity to remember, reflect and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. It was a really emotional weekend and there were lots of tears, hugs and smiles too and all the CBC team felt privileged to have been be able to share these moments as people shared their stories and grief. It was a really special event and one we know will stay with us all for a very long time.

Although the exhibit has already taken place you can still donate for a daisy in memory of your own loved one, or even just to have a beautiful daisy to enjoy in your own home or garden.

For a suggested donation of £25.00 you can have your own metal daisy and also a daisy included on our virtual Meadow of Memories. Your loved one’s name will also be added to our online scroll of remembrance below.

You can watch the meadow grow as others join you  – linking us together to remember and celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

To donate for our own metal daisy and have one added to our meadow please click here or contact Rachel at rachel@childrensbereavementcentre.co.uk for more information about how you can support this special campaign

You can still donate for a daisy and remember your loved one in our

online “Meadow of Memories”

Jay McGuiness - our patron
Jay McGuiness - our patron"This daisy remembrance campaign is an imaginative fundraiser and one I am proud to support as patron of this amazing charity. Not only is it an opportunity for us to remember and celebrate the loved ones we have sadly lost but is fantastic way to support them with a donation, as all of their services are offered free of charge. Just £25 could pay for a child to attend a play therapy session, so lets all dig deep and get behind this campaign to ensure the Centre is there to support your children when they need it most"

The Daisy – a symbol of hope and innocence

The links we have to our family and those we love make us who we are, make us stronger, and when someone we love dies it can sometimes feel like a link in the chain is broken. But it isn’t. Remembering those we love is the key to maintaining a strong chain, just because you can’t touch a link doesn’t mean it’s not there.

During recent months not just families but whole communities, all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, have come together to support one another as never before. We hope our Daisy Remembrance Campaign will do the same. The Daisy can be interwoven and linked together to make a chain. It’s the perfect flower to bring us all together in a shared grief and remembrance of our lost loved ones, whether recently due to the pandemic or over the years and decades past, the comfort we feel from our memories never fades.  This simple flower is also a symbol of hope and innocence. Hope for the future, a new day and more peaceful times ahead and for the innocence of our children who have been affected by the death of someone they love.


Please click the daisy to donate