Children’s Grief Matters: Save the date of 20th November 2019 for our next conference

In November 2018 approximately 100 people attended our conference in Newark where leading practitioners in grief and loss explored the scale of loss amongst children in the United Kingdom as well as the emotional and physiological impacts, concluding with therapeutic solutions, strategies and interventions to support the holistic well-being of those most vulnerable.

Our keynote speakers covered a range of topics and highlighted:

Dr Katie Koehler – “92% of children will have experienced a significant bereavement or loss by the time they reach 16 years old.”
“Grieving is a lifelong process and children need to know that whatever they are feeling is ok”.

Jo Stockdale  – “We need to think about how we help children who are experiencing a bereavement to make sense of it, start to heal and move forward with their lives.”

Dr Margot Sunderland – “We need to catch these children as they are falling not after they have fallen.”

We are in the process of planning our next conference based on the ideas feedback we have received and if you would to know more please get in touch via email here and as soon as speakers are confirmed we will let you know.

Delegate quotes
“This training was well worth doing, I’m looking forward to next year”.

“I wish I had known this information 25 years earlier.”

“Very interesting and useful. Also extremely thought provoking”

“Very powerful and emotional”

“Great programme and ran like clockwork”

Please download our poster to share amongst your contacts
Please download our poster to share amongst your contacts