One in 29 school-age children in the UK have been bereaved of a parent or a sibling, 24,000 parents die each year leaving dependant children.

We have supported hundreds of bereaved children across Nottinghamshire and parts of Lincolnshire, helping them to come to terms with the trauma they have faced and helping them build coping strategies to move forward through life.

Our service is unique and tailor-made to each individual, we encourage our children to express themselves through many activities. Each child is offered a comfort bear which helps them throughout their support and beyond.

Sponsor a bear to bring hope for grieving children this Christmas

Sponsoring a Children’s Bereavement Centre bear for £6 will help local children who are experiencing trauma due to the death or terminal-illness of someone they love

Together we can make sure they get the specialist support they need.

We can all remember cuddling our favourite bear when we were young and the feelings of security, safety and comfort it brought.

The Children’s Bereavement Centre provides a range of specialist face-to-face and group activities and all children accessing support are offered a special bear to take away with them to talk to about their feelings and emotions. A bear can ease stress, build confidence, soothe tears and can help a child handle fear, anxiety and the unknown and is important part of the range of support provided to help children cope with their grief and bring hope for a brighter future.

Sponsoring a special bear costs just £6 which will help to fund specialist support that will help bring comfort to a child at one of the most devastating times in their life and help make Christmas and the future more bearable.

But don’t just take our word for it please take a moment to read Daniel’s and Rosie’s stories and help us create the same feelings of hope and comfort for more children this Christmas. Thank you.

Our bears are the sort of bears who will love you always no matter what happens.

Bears are very different to people, their sole purpose in life is loyalty.